Unlimited Colours & Finishes...

Here at Perfect-Powdaz we use new colours & finishes nearly every day

 whatever your vision, we'll do our best to make it a reality.

This means that we are constantly adding to our colour library all the time, so come back & check this page regularly - also keep an idea on our Social Media for daily updates of new & exciting colour combinations.

Below is just a small example of the sort of things we do every day - Get in touch to discuss your project!

We aim to be No.1 in Motorcycle Powder Coating.

Candy Purple
Candy Red
Candy Apple Green
Candy Blue

candy colours

An iridescent, high gloss finish, achieved by using a base coat colour of 'silver sparkle' with a transparent 'Candy' top coat.

Red - High Gloss finish
Grey - High Gloss finish
Green - High gloss finish
KTM Orange - High gloss
Turquoise - Satin finish
Graphite - Matte Sheen Finish

solid colours

A solid, uniform colour with a super high gloss, satin or matte-sheen finish. limitless colour choice available.