Unlimited Colours & Finishes...

We use new colours & finishes nearly every day

 whatever your vision, we'll do our best to make it a reality.

This means that we are constantly adding to our colour library all the time, so come back & check this page regularly - also keep an idea on our Social Media for daily updates of new & exciting colour combinations.

Below is just a small example of the sort of things we do every day - Get in touch to discuss your project!

Candy Purple
Candy Red
Candy Apple Green
Candy Blue

candy colours

An iridescent, high gloss finish, achieved by using a base coat colour of 'silver sparkle' with a transparent 'Candy' top coat.

Red - High Gloss finish
Grey - High Gloss finish
Green - High gloss finish
KTM Orange - High gloss
Turquoise - Satin finish
Graphite - Matte Sheen Finish

solid colours

A solid, uniform colour with a super high gloss, satin or matte-sheen finish. limitless colour choice available.